Vision Statement

I see a world where every person is conscious of their every action.  A world where every person wants what is best for everyone, including themselves.

I see a world where people know they can choose to be however they can imagine.

In this world there is no such thing as animosity between people, no such thing as grudges and vendettas, and certainly no such thing as war.

In this world everyone understands that people are who they are for a reason, and so there is no such thing as judgement, only love and compassion for all.


Every person knows that every other person is good at heart and so everyone feels quite capable of going and talking to anyone.

I see a world where people have realised that for things to happen we have to make them happen, so there are people who spend large amounts of their time simply organising events for everyone to go to, so there is always something to do for everyone.

I see a world where people are totally supportive of one another, and where we have realised that everything comes from an idea, so it is part of our cultures to help others who are doing something new and different. I see a world where the is food and shelter for all, so every person has there basic needs met, and there is such abundance that to earn something only a small amount of work is needed, so every one is really motivated to work, making even more of an abundance of things...


I see a world where people are taught to remember that everything can always get better, and as such to stay open minded. In this world every new way of being is quickly accepted by society, this society would get better and better every day. I see a world where people realise that life is precious, and each persons time is limited, all people love life so much that they make the utmost of everyday. Each day is full of a whole variety of fulfilling activities that have lasting impact. I see a world where every person respects the planet and all it's inhabitants, in this world every seed is sacred, and at every opportunity things are planted and nature is encouraged to thrive. Any one can walk any where and be surrounded be a huge varieties of food, waiting for them - courtesy of nature! I see a world where every individuals is given all they could need to feed their mind body and soul, every person knows that they are capable and special.


I see a world where every person is encouraged to express them selves and every person is taught to be effective at what they do. I see a world where everyone is nice to everyone else. Every one is empathetic, and realises that to hurt someone else is simply hurting themselves. People have realised the joy that comes from encouraging others and helping them to blossom. I see a world where every action is chosen deliberately, every person considers the consequences of every action and decides to live in a way that is as good for everyone as they can think of. Imagine a world with no stealing Imagine a world with NO fighting Imagine a world with no painful confusion Imagine a world where we choose how we want it to be. Imagine a world where we stop and take the time to fix every bug, where we look at what is happening and work our hardest to make it fantastic for everyone. Imagine a world where all media is inspirational, happy, and full of ideas for the future inspiring all people to feel part of their communities and dedicated to making the world better.


What is your vision?